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    “Count your smiles instead of your sadness.Count your blessings from Allah instead of your hardship. Love Allah over others.”

    “Don’t think of the things you did not get after praying. Think of the unlimited blessings Allah gave you without asking.”

    “May Allah, open the doors of his blessings, mercy and love upon muslim ummah in the coming blessed month of Ramadan.”

    “At the end of each day. Sit down for a few minutes & reflect upon your day. Thank Allah for the blessings & ask forgiveness for your sins.”

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    “May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him)., his family, and his companions., and those rightly guided followers of him.”

    “Allah has allowed us to enjoy his blessings but without disobeying him.”

    “Prayer is an amazing form of exchange. We pray and hand over our worries & troubles to Allah, and He sends blessings and mercy in exchange.”

    “May the new Hijri year bring us closer to Allah and His beloved. May Allah’s blessings of peace and barakah descend on all.”

    “May the Blessings of Allah keep your heart and family happy & joyous.”

    “O Allah, guide us and lead us to the truth and to the straight path, by the blessing your guidance and help.”

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