Allah Hu Akbar Images

Here is the collection of images and pictures with the holy saying of Muslims 'Allah Hu Akbar'. You can download and share these messages and greetings with your dear ones via messenger or SMS to say 'Allah Hu Akbar' in a great way. All the pictures in this section are designed considering the various noble believes of the religion 'Islam'.

    The answer of the Believers, when summoned to Allah and His Messenger, in order that He may judge between them, is no other than this: they say, "We hear and we obey": it is such as these that will attain felicity. (Surah An-Nur, 51)

    So fear Allah as much as ye can; listen and obey and spend in charity for the benefit of your own soul and those saved from the covetousness of their own souls,- they are the ones that achieve prosperity. (Surah At-Taghabun, 16)

    Allahu Akbar! Allah is the Greatest

    I believe there is None worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is his Servant & Messenger.

    Enjoy sharing these Allah Hu Akbar messages with your loved ones. You can even download all the pictures from this collection for non-commercial purposes like online sharing and wishing friends. Hurry to download your favorite image now.

    Dear Allah. I have 1 word for you. Subhan’Allah. Thank-you for everything you have given me. I love you and I always will.

    I believe there is no God but Allah and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is his servant and Messenger.

    The best word of remembrance is: Lâ ilâha illallah and the best supplication is: Alhamdulillâh.

    “They recognise the Grace of Allah, yet they deny it (by worshipping others besides Allah) and most of them are disbelievers (deny the Prophethood of Muhammad)”[16:83].

    Praised be Allah, Who, whenever thanked for one of His blessings, provides another blessing which in turn obliges one to thank Him again!

    Because to give thanks for blessings is itself a blessing, one can never cease to give thanks.

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