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Allah is the formless Almighty of Islam followers. Here are the meaningful and popular Islamic quotes, pictures, with messages and sayings of Islam prophets. As per Islam prophets are the bringers of divine revelation via an angel. They are the lawbringers which the Muslims should abide by the name of Allah. This page contains a large collection of TAGS listed here. Clicking on a tag, you will see all the Allah quotes for life, wishes, Prophets' sayings pictures, wallpapers put under that tag.

Do you look for some great and popular Islamic quotes and sayings of Islam religion? This page could be your choice. The tags listed here help you to refine your search for favourite Allah quotes for life and sayings pictures. Find here a number of Tags like Prophet Muhammad Sayings Pictures, Allah Quotes, Islam Quotes, Bakrid Greetings, Muharram Sayings, Eid Mubarrak Pictures, etc. Click a tag and under the selected tag you could see the related Allah Quotes pictures, Wallpapers, cards, greetings.

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