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Here are the most famous Allah quotes, sayings of Islam. Allah is above all comprehension, yet he is acquainted with all things. Allah is the eternal refuge for anyone with a pure heart. Allah neither begets nor is born. In Islam, there are 99 known names of God (Allah), each of which evokes a distinct attribute of God. Use these Allah blessings images, messages, pictures to express your hearty divine feeling of worshiping Allah.

Allah Name Dp
Allah Name Dp

Most Popular Allah Quotes, Images, Messages

Scroll down to find the interesting, meaningful and the most famous Allah quotes of prophets of Allah. In Islam, prophets are the messengers of Allah. It is believed to be 25 prophets in Islam mentioned in Quran, the holy book of Islam. Prophet Muhammad is one among the most important prophets who preached goodness of Islam to the mankind. As per Islam, Adam, the first human created by Allah was the first messenger of Allah. Share these popular Allah blessings images, messages, Islam sayings, via Facebook, Whatsapp.

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