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"Allah" is the Arabic word referring to God in Islam religion. Allah is considered as the supreme power, a formless Almighty in the Islam religion. Here are some of the best and beautiful Allah images, quotes, wallpapers, pictures for facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and other social application tools.

The word "Allah" is found to have been derived from the arabic words "al-ilah", which means "the god", and is related to El and Elah, the Hebrew and Aramaic words for God. Our website is dedicated for pictures of Islam, with Allah Hu Akbar images quotes, SMS messages and wishes for Bakrid, Muharram Greetings pictures, Images, ecards which you can use it to share your devotional feelings with your family, relatives and Muslim friends and dear ones.

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The word Allah has been used by Arabic people of different religions since pre-Islamic times. Allah generally is the term for God by muslims. In Islam, Allah, the God is indivisble, the Supreme power, the absolute one, the ruler of the universe and the creator of everything in existence. Use our exclusive collection of Allah images, quotes, wallpapers, pictures by Prophet Muhammad, Islamic Festival greetings pictures, Images to express your hearty love for Islam.

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